Have Books Will Travel

I can think of few pleasures as wonderful as a good book. I love to open the cover of a new book, slowly turning the pages, taking a deep breath as I absorb those first words. And then I’m off, racing word by word, paragraph by paragraph. I consume it, wishing the end would never come, but unable to slow my reading for even an instant. All too soon it is over and I close the book, remembering moments and characters.  If it was a particularly good book I must pause before I start the next. I can’t leave that world too quickly.

I have always read voraciously, loving to read even before I set foot in school. I would get up early in the morning, before the sun came up, so I could read before breakfast. Finally my parents had to set a time, before which I wasn’t to awake. I obeyed, although reluctantly.

Now I’m a writer and a stay-at-home mom and I’m reveling in those moments of watching my children catch that spark. And they have. I am revisiting old favorites with them and discovering new ones. I find myself, on a weekly basis, offering suggestions to friends of books I think their kids would love. And so, we have this blog.

KAM Reads will offer up some of our favorite reads. I’ll likely stick with books for children and YA reads for now, but maybe I’ll add other selections down the road.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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