The Red Book by Barbara Lehman

It’s been a house full of sick kids this week. It’s come with the usual stress and worry and extra work, but it also comes with many, many opportunities to read out loud to children who are too tired to run around. I took the chance to go through the bookshelf and pull out some titles we haven’t looked at in awhile.

RedBook    Today for my 2-year-old’s pre-nap book I picked “The Red Book” by Barbara Lehman. I love the book-within-a-book creativity of these wordless pages.

The tale begins with a young girl discovering a red book stuck in the snow as she travels down city streets on her way to school. When she flips through the pages she discovers images of a boy on a far-off island. Lehman, an illustrator, then introduces a twist. The boy, walking down a sunny beach, discovers a red book of his own. His book contains pictures of the girl in her far-off city apartment. It is a set-up that would make the creators of “Lost” proud. The connections and interconnections continue in a fascinating progression. Without a single word, the story is engaging and can inspire wonderful conversation and imaginative play.

While this book is recommended for children ages 4-8, this Caldecott Honor Book has been enjoyed by both the children and the adults in this house.

3 thoughts on “The Red Book by Barbara Lehman

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Have you read it? What did you think?

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