Reading for the New Year

My life is definitely made up of 10 minute increments of time these days. This is what happens when you have three kids under the age of 12. (For me that involves three different schools, each with a different start and ending time, including one child who is only half day. It’s an adventure.) So, I’m making an effort to build this blog and my writing site in 10 minute blocks.

Many of my posts will focus on a book pick I think you should check out. It could be a picture book, YA, middle grade or an adult read. I read a bit of everything so be prepared to see almost anything here!

Today’s pick: I’m starting with a chapter book for kids that has been a big hit in our house with the youngest. 51piij9qmxl-_sy344_bo1204203200_The Humphrey series by Betty G. Birney is a sweet little book series with a great main character. Humphrey the hamster finds himself placed as a classroom pet in a class with a teacher who isn’t exactly delighted to be his caretaker.

Humphrey is a special little guy — he practices vocabulary in his little notebook, helps the janitor find love through a classified ad and an overhead projector, and in small ways makes it possible for his classmates to overcome fears, challenges and difficulties.

I’m currently reading the second book with my kindergartner and I can tell she is in this for the long hall. I think we’ll be making our way through all of the 12 chapter books in the collection.

Goodreads has more info here. You can also visit Betty G. Birney’s page – Humphreyville.

One thought on “Reading for the New Year

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