I Believe Wednesday: Take a Chance


I’m a big believer in taking a chance. Amazing things happen when you take the leap, not knowing how it might turn out. You can surprise yourself with how successful you are. But then…

Then there are the times when it is a disaster. You don’t just fail, but you fail BIG. And the repercussions continue.

Then I have to ask myself – which regret is bigger? The regret of trying and failing or the regret of not knowing if it might have worked out.

MOST of the time, I’d rather know. I’d rather know if my dream is possible. I’d rather know if I’m capable.

It’s the sheer nerve that it took me to send out a book proposal with no agent or formal writing training. In my heart, I really believed that my idea was a good one and, blissfully, so did the publishers.

whitehousekatIt’s the audacity I had to contact the White House to see if I could be admitted as press to a Mother’s Day tea event hosted by Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. I still can’t believe I did it. Even moreso, I can’t believe I actually got press credentials and stood in the room with them and with their special guest Prince Harry.

Let’s be honest — all the big decisions required me to take a chance: marriage, having kids, every job I’ve ever tried. (Especially the jobs where someone gave me a shot at doing work I’d never done before. And I did it. Every time.)

So what is the next big chance? There are a few that I’m taking at once, because why not? 1) I’ve been sending out my picture books to agents. 2) I’m starting work on a middle grade book. Not just talking about it. Actually starting it. 3) I’m working towards a new contracting job that is really exciting…but also really kind of scary.

The potential upside — proving to myself that I have a future in this writing world. The potential downside — shaking my confidence and forcing me to put this dream aside for awhile. But probably not. It’s not like they’ll take my pen away.

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