About Me
Even though I was the kind of kid who lived in the library and woke up before sunrise to read, I never imagined immersing myself in books and words on a page as a career. After college and graduate school and time working in the non-profit sector, a small tea blog I started for fun exploded. When offers to write and edit for a living arrived, I jumped at the opportunity. For twelve years, I’ve been writing, editing, and fact checking for print and online publications. I published A Tea Reader in 2011 (Tuttle) and am currently working on a middle grade novel.

Available to Purchase:
A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time (Tuttle, 2011).

This anthology shares the ways that tea has changed lives through personal, intimate stories: deep family moments, conquered heartbreak, and peace found in the face of loss. These essays show that tea is not simply a drink, but it also provides quiet moments for making important decisions, a catalyst for conversation, and the energy we sometimes need to operate in our lives.

Link to purchase: Bookshop.org. IndieBound. Amazon.

Current Project:
I always have a few things open on my desktop. My favorite is a new middle grade novel with quite a few home town references, including lots of focus on my grandparents’ bowling alley. I’m in my second round of revisions and it heads off to beta readers soon.

I’m also working on some picture book concepts, including one that centers on how the stories of our ancestors carry forward into our own lives.


Contact Me/Social Media

Want to talk books? You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and I occasionally lurk around Instagram, and Pinterest.

Twitter: @KatMuniWrites
LinkedIn: Katrina Munichiello (KAMWrites)
Instagram: @kamwrites04
Pinterest:@kattea – KAM READS book page

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