I Believe Wednesday: Take a Chance

I’m a big believer in taking a chance. Amazing things happen when you take the leap, not knowing how it might turn out. You can surprise yourself with how successful you are. But then… Then there are the times when it is a disaster. You don’t just fail, but you fail BIG. And the repercussionsContinue reading “I Believe Wednesday: Take a Chance”

Take Action Tuesday: Environment

I got this book as a Christmas gift last year. I honestly didn’t even know what the topic was when I picked up the book. I began reading and realized this one was hitting close to home. Jennifer Haigh’s book “Heat and Light,” takes place in a town called Bakerton which had been built onContinue reading “Take Action Tuesday: Environment”

Picture Book Weekends: The Gigantic Turnip

I have now been without my computer for four days. It has seemed to make every single task just that much more excruciatingly painful. Even things I would normally just check on my phone made me pause, as I thought about how nice it would be to see it on a bigger screen. I amContinue reading “Picture Book Weekends: The Gigantic Turnip”

Friday Flicks: Little Women

I know, I know. Stop rolling your eyes. I LOVE this movie. Really. Every year it is required watching in my house at Christmas time. But really I’ll watch it any time. I know there is much dissension in the ranks as to the best version because there have been so many. There are actuallyContinue reading “Friday Flicks: Little Women”