Throw Back Thursday: Agatha Christie

It feels wrong to classify Agatha Christie as a “throw back” because I don’t feel like she’s ever gone anywhere. She has been a part of my life since I was a kid and through the amazing Poirot series and Marple films, she just keeps the attention firmly on her…as it should be. However, asContinue reading “Throw Back Thursday: Agatha Christie”

I Believe Wednesdays: Imagination

It’s been getting a little deep over here so I thought it was time to lighten things up. What I believe is that we don’t focus enough on the importance of imagination. We are scheduled and focused on the “to do” list and always on the go. Do we take time to daydream, to thinkContinue reading “I Believe Wednesdays: Imagination”

Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open

I have a fear for our future. (Okay, I have a lot of fears for our nation, but this is the one looming biggest in my mind.) I fear that we have forgotten the beautiful art of debate. There is no debate anymore. There is a shouting, ever louder, of our own opinion and position.Continue reading “Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open”

My Day, Monday: To Inspiration and Libraries

I can’t even pin down the real timeframe; she was just kind of there. And magical. And amazing. And inspiring. I am speaking, of course, of a librarian. I know I’ve mentioned my son a few times already here. He’s my partner in book-loving crime. My girls like to read as well, but he, likeContinue reading “My Day, Monday: To Inspiration and Libraries”

Picture Book Weekend: 365 Penguins

The picture book is one of my favorite art forms. A good picture book has breath-taking text, the kind that you savor, word by word. Each and every word is carefully chosen and placed on the page. And the pictures. There are far too many picture book illustrations that I’d like to frame and putContinue reading “Picture Book Weekend: 365 Penguins”