I Believe Wednesday: Nature

It’s been a week since my last post, but at least it means that I can pick up where I left off! It’s not really that I believe in nature. I mean, who doesn’t? It exists. What I actually believe in is the healing that nature can bring. I am someone who finds peace inContinue reading “I Believe Wednesday: Nature”

I Believe Wednesday: Take a Chance

I’m a big believer in taking a chance. Amazing things happen when you take the leap, not knowing how it might turn out. You can surprise yourself with how successful you are. But then… Then there are the times when it is a disaster. You don’t just fail, but you fail BIG. And the repercussionsContinue reading “I Believe Wednesday: Take a Chance”

I Believe Wednesdays: Imagination

It’s been getting a little deep over here so I thought it was time to lighten things up. What I believe is that we don’t focus enough on the importance of imagination. We are scheduled and focused on the “to do” list and always on the go. Do we take time to daydream, to thinkContinue reading “I Believe Wednesdays: Imagination”

I Believe Wednesday: Kindness

2016 was kind of a kick in the head, I have to say. Not all of it. There were some truly wonderful parts. But there was also a fair amount of angst, unwelcome drama, sickness and some deaths that I still can’t wrap my brain around. (And not just the celebrity kind.) To be honest,Continue reading “I Believe Wednesday: Kindness”