Take Action Tuesday: Environment

I got this book as a Christmas gift last year. I honestly didn’t even know what the topic was when I picked up the book. I began reading and realized this one was hitting close to home. Jennifer Haigh’s book “Heat and Light,” takes place in a town called Bakerton which had been built onContinue reading “Take Action Tuesday: Environment”

Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open

I have a fear for our future. (Okay, I have a lot of fears for our nation, but this is the one looming biggest in my mind.) I fear that we have forgotten the beautiful art of debate. There is no debate anymore. There is a shouting, ever louder, of our own opinion and position.Continue reading “Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open”

Take Action Tuesday: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

One of the things I love about books is the worlds they can introduce you to. I am someone who swan dives fully into a book, swimming through its pages, coming up for air only when I necessary. I am fortunate that my son is the same way and I have to say that itContinue reading “Take Action Tuesday: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”