My Day, Monday: Knowing History

I got behind this week on posts, but now, happily, my computer has returned home and I’m ready to catch up. So today you get THREE posts.

march_lewisI had planned my subject for My Day, Monday about a week ago. I recognized that it was falling on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I wanted to talk about an amazing graphic novel series. I don’t even have to say the name now, do I? Yup. My planned post was about “March,” a three book series of graphic novels about the civil rights movement written by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell.

Since I know you haven’t been living under a rock, you know what has happened since then. Lewis and Trump got into a war of words and “March” sold out on Amazon and at many independent book and comic book stores. So, I think I’ll hold off on talking about it more for the moment. I don’t want this blog to come off as “me too!” But read it. Really.

Instead I decided to write about an unexpected book that tumbled onto our bookshelves. One of my kids picked this book up for $1 at a school book sale. She liked the picture of the boy on the front and that it cost $1. That is the savvy financial analysis we’ve taught our kids. Well done.

ronsbigmissionRon’s Big Mission” by Rose Blue and Corinne J. Naden tells the story of a little boy named Ron who has a BIG idea. He heads to the local library to take out some books that he was excited about, books about airplanes. There was one big problem. Ron was black and black children were not allowed to borrow books from the town library. He didn’t back down. He took his stand. Literally, actually. He stood on the library checkout counter and made clear that he expected to be able to take out the books. What came next changed his life.

This is a wonderful book and it is actually a fictionalized version of a real event in the life of Ron McNair. McNair went on to earn a PhD from MIT and became a NASA astronaut. He died in the Challenger disaster in 1986.

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Published by Katrina Ávila Munichiello

KAM is a freelance writer, editor, and lifelong lover of books. She was the kind of kid who woke up before sunrise to read before school and her passion for books has never waned. After nearly a decade of work in public health and the non-profit sector, she became a stay-at home mom. The twelve years since have allowed her discover a new life’s ambition — writing. She published her first book “A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time,” a collection of essays written by tea lovers around the world, in 2011, and has had articles and essays featured in outlets including Yankee Magazine and Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. She served as Senior Editor of Tea Magazine. She currently writes picture books and middle grade books and is loving every minute of making them better. She is a member of NESCBWI, Vice President of Friends of the J.V. Fletcher Library and advisor of an elementary school Newspaper Club.

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